Chatbots Convert Website Visitors – It’s True!

The data is in! A well-optimized chatbot can be a secret weapon on a company’s website.
Conversion rates go up dramatically when customers interact with them. Conversions can be anything from helping customers make a purchase through your website to filling out an opt-in with an email address to build your list. A chatbot can teach the customers about the wonderful things your company has to offer. This can be especially valuable if you are a fresh, new company trying to make a name for yourself.

The chatbot should also be able to help the customers make purchases by providing them with the right information.
Frustrated customers tend to bounce off your site. A well-crafted chatbot will help them find what they are looking for by engaging them with friendly conversation. Missed sales can be saved. Chatbots can even call attention to an abandoned cart or offer a gift or discount before the visitor clicks away.

So we see how chatbots can make you more money but can they save you money too?
Yes! Think about the chatbot the same way you would an employee. A chatbot is a SUPER employee. They work 24/7, don’t take a vacation or sick days, and don’t need benefits. A chatbot workforce can help small businesses compete with much bigger companies.

So what can chatbots do for you?
If you’re trying to launch a new product, feature it on your bot. Building an email list? Ask for visitors to leave theirs in exchange for a freebie. Want to get more leads? Have the bot set appointments for you. Ease your workload and let your bot act like a highly effective virtual assistant.

At PinPoint Local Honolulu, we make your marketing simple. Chatbots can be a powerful part of your marketing toolbox, multiplying your time and making you more money. It’s amazing how this AI technology can make your company more accessible to your customers.