No One Cares What You Sell…Really

Now don’t get upset. Hear me out. Generally speaking, your customer doesn’t want your item, they want a result. Case in point – drills. Unless you are a tool collector, you don’t really want to own a drill. What you want is a hole. But holes are hard to purchase. You want what a drill can give you…holes.

So now take your business. What do you sell? If you attempt to attract customers/clients by telling them the features of your offering, you may not be getting the results you want. People don’t really want to have more things. Even hoarders don’t really want to own more. They merely want what they think “things” provide – security or perhaps love.

It’s all about your customer

So how do you go about reaching the real need of your prospective client? It first starts with getting to know them. See Who Loves You, Baby. Once you know your ideal customer, you can begin to speak to their felt needs.

Let’s say you sell life insurance. What is the felt need of your ideal client? They need to feel like they are taking care of their family in the event of their untimely death. They also may need to satisfy the need to leave a legacy. This is not my industry, but you get the idea. No one wants insurance…but they do want to feel secure when bad things happen.

Features – Your road to ruin

So with that as our example, take a look at your website home page. Do you dive in with text about how great your policies are? Do you outline how your insurance is better than your competition? Do you give 15 points on how the policy works? This may be true, but from the customer’s point of view…who cares?

Benefits – the way to your customer’s heart.

The first thing your client wants to know is, will this product satisfy my needs. They may not think that consciously, but that’s how we humans are wired.

Caveman brain

Not to belittle your prospects, but this is the way we all think. The most basic pattern goes like this:

  • Me have pain (awareness) Sometimes you may have to point out the pain. 

  • Me want pain to stop (problem) You need to make the pain of staying the same worse than getting rid of the pain.

  • Here is medicine for my pain to stop (solution you offer) Position your product as the cure to what ails them.

Staying with our insurance example, your marketing might go like this:

“Would your family be cared for if something happened to you? Our term-life policy can give you peace of mind.”

Instead of listing the features, begin to tell how your customer/client would benefit from your offering. From shoes to real estate, virtual or material products – everything is sold because the purchaser believes they will receive the benefit. Features come later.

So take a quick scan of your website copy. Are you focused on features or benefits? Every piece of marketing you put out needs to pass the caveman test. Bring awareness to the pain. Give a clear path to alleviate the pain. Offer your product as medicine for the pain. 

People don’t want your product. They want the benefits your product will give them. Satisfy the basic need, and your customer will be loyal for life.

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