Social Media Strategy For the Small Business

A social media presence is an essential part of your small business digital marketing strategy. It not only keeps customers and prospects up to date with your business activities, but also creates a sense of community between your company and the people you serve. Here are five simple tactics for creating a strong social media presence for your business that can help you to succeed in any competitive market for the small business.

1. Link to relevant other social media sites. In this era of the internet, people are more likely to find your site if it has a link to other relevant sites in the same area. If your business lies outside the country, use a link to relevant foreign sites or relevant links to related sites in the same area. This can be done by making sure it is possible for visitors to “follow” the links.

2. Create accounts on multiple social media platforms. By linking several platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you are creating a social media environment where you can more easily be found and your potential customers will feel a connectedness to your business and the larger community. This can help you to build a wider customer base than otherwise would from simply one offsite link and your marketing messages will be unified across all platforms.

3. Create a business blog or other free content. Free content should serve to inform and educate people about your business. It should not be a sales page, but it should give a sense of what you do and how you do it. This can be a great tool for building your brand and giving you credibility. You can also use blog content for company announcements or updates.

Creating this social media strategy, however, can take some effort. You need to know what you are doing but when you get it right, you are more likely to be successful. So be willing to stick with it and get help when you need it, because doing so can help you to build a bigger and bigger social media presence. We at PinPoint Local Honolulu are happy to help. Book an free strategy session today!